In Wide Therapy We Make it Possible For Your Child To Overcome Challenges 

Wide is an easy, safe platform for children with developmental disabilities to achieve real, everyday change. 


Motivate your child to overcome challenges

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Potty training

Resistance, avoidance and lack of initiative are common potty training challenges. Transform potty training into a task that is easier to understand for your child, while keeping motivation high. 

Sleeping habits

A good night's sleep is essential for you and your child. Set better sleeping habits to improve your family’s health and welfare.


Giving and accepting play items are the foundation of sharing. Help your child establish the ability to play with friends. 


Starting kindergarden, seeing family and friends or visiting the doctor are all types of transitions. By making them familiar and safe, your child will be better able to ease into new experiences and learning opportunities. 

Play activities

Switching between games and activities keeps your child flexible and willing to explore. Lay down the foundations for your child to learn through play. 

And many more...

Tell us about your challenge...


Our unique approach

                nurtures flexibility and motivation in your child’s way of thinking in order to overcome challenges. Using the Wide platform, children, parents and clinicians participate in developing a safe and calm environment to practice change and new behaviors. 

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            's methodology for success is defined by 5 key pillars: 

  • Change in the child’s real world

  • Independence

  • Speed and complexity of processing 

  • Communication skills 

  • Milestones towards achievement 

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               's data index - Wi - leverages artificial intelligence to continuously and holistically pave the way for your child to reach goals. 

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Getting Started is Easy
Change is now achievable:

Step 1 - Wide

With your clinician, set goals for your child via the wide platform. 

Step 2

Incorporate images from your child’s surroundings to create a familiar environment.

Step 3

Let your child practice through a personalized game set in familiar surroundings - created by you.

Step 4

Track your child’s progress towards achieving goals. 

Step 5

Observe in real time, in the real world, as your child overcomes challenges.

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For Us This is Personal

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In the case of children with developmental disabilities, it may take two. 

The founders of Wide are parents and clinicians teaming together to bring their own unique insights, backgrounds and experiences to create the most effective and mindful solutions to you and your child. 

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